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Coil spring test stand

Coil spring test stand

The stand is designed for testing spring characteristics. The computer system of the stand enables visualization and registration of the measured data.
The stand is designed for testing the following types of springs:
  • coil springs and sets of these springs,
  • volute springs,
  • metal rubber springs (optional),
  • leaf and parabolic springs (optional),
  • air springs (optional),
  • other spring elements (optional).

Main technical parameters of the stand in standard version:
  • axial test load: 100 kN
  • actuator stroke: 500 mm
  • measurement accuracy of applied force: ˂ 1%
  • measurement accuracy of vertical movement: 0,1 mm
  • free height of tested spring: 650 mm
  • maximum external diameter of tested spring: 500 mm
  • minimum internal diameter of tested spring: 60 mm
  • force reading: kN or daN
  • on – line error detection system,
  • power supply – 415V±10%, 3 phases, 50 Hz,
  • installed power - approx. 6 kW
Measured parameters in standard version:
  • spring height in the free state,
  • spring height at a given load,
  • spring deflection at given load,
  • axial spring stiffness,
  • characteristic diagram (kN-mm) of the spring.

  • measurement of transverse spring stiffness,
  • measurement of bowing deflection,
  • measurement of bowing force in the X and Y axes,
  • measurement of bowing angle,
  • air spring leakage test.

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