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Spring test stands
test stands
Bogie storage system
storage system
This equipment is designed to place and support bogies and bogie frames during maintenance and overhauling.


We offer design, manufacture,  installation, testing, commissioning and training of various test stand for railway components and instruments.

Company profile

For over 20 years ASCO RAIL cooperates with railway companies offering a wide range of measuring equipment for rolling stock maintenance and repair.
Company profile
ASCO RAIL sp. z o.o.
ul. Wielowiejska 53
44-120 Pyskowice
Maintenance workshop
ul. Piaskowa 2
44-120 Pyskowice
We provide a complex endowment with specialised equipment for railway workshops.
We have built an enviable reputation for supplying measurement devices, testing benches, subassemblies and services for rolling stock maintenance and repair all over the world.