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Coil and leaf springs test stand

Coil and leaf springs test stand

The coil and leaf spring test stand is designed to perform static test of conical bonded rubber spring, leaf & parabolic springs, helical springs and springs sets. Purpose-written software package allow to control the test stand, aid in test data analysis. Operator of the Leaf & Coil Spring Test Stand can program himself new test procedures, add or change springs parameters or create test reports.

  • Testing in manual or automatic mode,
  • Measurement of height of the leaf spring under near zero load and under set by operator load,
  • Measurement of spring stiffness,
  • Force/way diagram report,
  • Testing of the springs in manual or automatic mode,
  • Operator implement pre-programmed test modes, set tolerances and warning limit values of the springs,
  • Collect and save measurement data, create reports as PDF or measurement files.

Technical data

  • Axial test load (maximum):  180 kN
  • Load application: hydraulic
  • Actuator stroke: 450 mm
  • Actuator under load move: 8 mm/sec
  • Fast actuator move: 20 mm/sec
  • Measurement error of applied load: 1%
  • Measurement accuracy of vertical movement: ±0,1 mm
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