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Pantograph test bench

Pantograph test bench

The stand is designed for testing the characteristics of pantographs on the vehicle (without disassembly). The computer system of the stand enables visualization and registration of the received data.

Main technical parameters of the stand in standard version:
  • stroke of the height measurement module: nominal 1300 mm (limited to user conditions)
  • stroke of the bowing measurement module: 280 mm,
  • measurement accuracy: 1 mm,
  • pantograph contact force measurement: ± 40 kg (392,4 N),
  • pantograph bowing force measurement: ± 50 kg (490,5 N),
  • speed of the measuring module: adjustable 10 – 62 mm/s,
  • time measurement accuracy: 1 s,
  • positioning accuracy: ± 3 mm,
  • installed capacity: ≤ 1 kW.

Measured parameters in standard version:
  • time of collector lifting up to the nominal height,
  • fall time of the collector from the nominal height,
  • the height of the pantograph head in a folded state from the level of the insulator bracket,
  • static contact force in the operating range,
  • contact force,
  • lowering force,
  • freedom of rotation of the pantograph head,
  • holding force in the folded position.
  • checking the correct functional operation and tightness of the pneumatic system,
  • lateral deviation,
  • tilt of pantograph head,
  • measuring the wear of slider pad,
  • measurement of insulation resistance,
  • the dielectric strength test
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